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What would you do with a secret identity?

Arden Chase, a Colorado man stuck in a mundane life, creates a fake Facebook identity to liven up his sex life. What he gets is exciting. And dangerous. Can he undo the damage he causes before he loses everything, including his life?

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Kenzie and Parker, Facebook friends in love, communicating by private messages, while unhappily married to other people.

Hunter, the private detective mourning the murder of his wife, and battling his own private demons.

Lily and Kathy, best friends forever. But forever was not as long as they thought.

The serial killer plotting his next strike.

The circumstances that bring them together. And that tear them apart.

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Shannon York is on Facebook.

Whenever she pokes someone, they die – poked in real life.

It’s having a negative impact on her friends list.

The only person who could help her doesn’t believe her.

And he just got poked.

After the murder of her grandmother, Dora Baskin inherits her home, a 172-year-old log house in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Was the murder a random act of violence, or something more sinister?

With her new friend, Shawn, Dora gradually finds the answer in a handwritten account of one of her ancestors, Isadora Byrnes, a nineteenth century Englishwoman taken in by a Cherokee family. In the pages of this journal, they learn about the secret organization which spent decades pursuing Isadora Byrnes to America, beyond the Trail of Tears and into the Rocky Mountains, seeking to acquire the mysterious silver artifact she possessed.

They also find that this organization is still around, and they still want that artifact.

And they think Dora has it.

Dora Baskin’s family history is about to catch up with her.


Dora Baskin, a Colorado woman, receives a visit from her father, whom she thought was dead. As he revisits his past in the ancestral estate, his current troubles have followed him, landing at Dora’s doorstep.

A tale of passion, deceit and murder spanning one hundred years, from the Colorado Labor Wars to modern-day Manitou Springs, the final showdown rages against the backdrop of the worst forest fire in Colorado history.

Searching for the wreck of an eighteenth-century Spanish treasure ship, Jax Malone discovers an uncharted island. When he and his crew are attacked by natives on the beach, the Americans are rescued by unlikely saviors, a troop of soldiers from the past, descendants of the English colonists who were sent to settle the New World over four centuries ago – then vanished without a trace.

While stranded on this island, Jax and crew are happy to be among civilized people. But they gradually find that things are not as they seem. When their group becomes divided between the English and the natives, the Americans discover that their survival is further threatened by something they have even less control over.

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