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An excerpt from Profile:

It was in the early summer, and Cyndi was working in her flower garden while I was doing some other yard work. I can't even remember for certain what I had been doing. All I could remember was the outfit she was wearing.

Her back was almost completely bare due to the little halter top she wore. Then there were the shorts that showed her perfect, shapely brown legs, and that rode up in back when she bent over her garden. Her auburn hair gleamed like fire in the sunlight, and she had an enchanting way of flipping it back over her shoulder when it got in her way. Some kind of sinuous motion that I loved to watch. I made sure that I was facing her direction as I pulled weeds or trimmed hedges, or whatever the hell I was doing.

Even now, I can remember imagining the feel of my hands on her back, and on the perfect curve of her ass, which I could glimpse just a little bit of when she bent over. I felt a heat, a stirring, a shortness of breath that I remembered but hadn't experienced in several years with Evelyn.

Cyndi almost caught me looking. I had been wearing sunglasses, so I was able to cover it up pretty easily, but when she came to the fence to visit, I was again glad for the dark glasses. Her midriff was slightly damp and glistening, her beautifully sculpted abs shimmering from perspiration in the early summer warmth. Her eyes were a wondrous golden-brown color, and they crinkled a little on the sides when she smiled, which she did a lot.

I admit I was smitten.

Then a cool breeze from the mountains brushed across her and her nipples suddenly pressed hard and prominent against the fabric of her halter top. I'm pretty sure my erection had sprung up just as quickly. I can't be certain if her smile was a response to that, or to some brilliantly witty remark I had just made.

Or maybe it was just my imagination.


An excerpt from Private Messages:

“Good to see you, Thad,” Parker said with a nod. Thad nodded back and smiled, but turned immediately to fill another order. The three men clinked their glasses together and drank. Their glasses were half empty when they put them down. They had just turned around and leaned back against the bar when they saw an attractive woman who looked to be in her fifties, dressed in a black business-like pant suit, making her way through the press of bodies. She was approaching the trio with focused determination.

Her focus was on Parker.

Parker watched with a measure of apprehension. He wasn’t sure what to make of this woman twenty years his senior, as she pushed through the crowd toward him, her eyes sliding up and down his body with slippery abandon. As her eyes lingered in one spot in particular, he wondered if he had left his fly open.

She stopped less than two feet away, her red open-toed Ferragamos nearly touching his work boots. From close up, she looked Parker up and down one more time, then she looked him hard in the eyes.

“Damn, son,” she finally said, “what’s your name?”

“Parker, ma’am,” he replied suspiciously. “And yours?”

“Marlys,” she said, her voice so dripping with lust, Parker had the urge to check and see if she had gotten any on the top of his boots.

An excerpt from Poked:

Back in her room now, Shannon opened up the laptop. The stolen laptop, she thought, as the guilt resurfaced again. She checked her e-mail, then opened the browser and went to Facebook.

Numerous notifications indicated that something was very wrong. Kevin, her friend in Portland, was dead. A couple of mutual friends had shared news stories about the stabbing.

He had been taking the trash out and hadn’t come back in. When his mother went to see what was taking so long, she found his body in the alley.

There had been no witnesses, but the police said it was apparently not a robbery. His wallet and his iPhone were still in his pockets. They were investigating to see if there was anyone who had a grudge against him, but so far, his mother was unable to help them.

“He was a sweet kid,” she said. “Everyone loved him!”

Shannon didn’t really know Kevin except online, but she felt chilled by the news. She remembered her last contact with him, when she had delivered a Facebook poke last night.

She felt the tears welling up in her eyes.


An excerpt from All We Hold Dear:

Finn Gallagher sighed and folded the flaps back down on the box he had been looking through. He was getting discouraged. There were stacks of boxes in this room, but it seemed like they held nothing but papers and receipts; useless junk.

He pushed the box aside and shined his flashlight at the next one, opening the flaps. He put the flashlight down with the beam aimed at the top of the box. Some of his friends were proponents of small, easily concealed flashlights, but Finn still preferred his big club of a torch and the wide beam it provided.

“Who are you?” came a woman’s voice from behind him, and Finn quickly snatched up the flashlight, gripping it tightly as the overhead light switched on. He turned and saw an elderly woman standing in the doorway.

“Oh, darlin’,” he said with a prominent Irish accent, “sure and you weren’t supposed to be here tonight.”

“I asked who you are! What are you doing here?”

Finn stepped toward the woman, but stopped when she raised her right hand. It was holding a revolver, pointed at him.

“Where is it, dear?” he asked. “Don’t you think enough people have died?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” the woman replied.

“Come on, lady,” Finn said, exasperated. “Let’s end this.”

“I accept,” she said. She raised her other hand, and Finn saw that she was holding her phone. She looked down at it to press 911, and in that moment, Finn rushed her. Startled, she squeezed the trigger, but the bullet smashed harmlessly through the front window. In the same instant, Finn hit her on the head with his flashlight and the woman crumpled into a heap on the floor.

An excerpt from Trial by Fire:

Silas felt Victoria’s gaze and he looked up, again taken by her beautiful face, the flames clearly reflected in her dark eyes, almost like an inner phosphorescence. He felt spellbound by her luminous skin and her auburn hair, now ablaze in the firelight. Victoria’s lips parted slightly, as did her legs, and Silas leaned toward her and kissed her.

He held her in his arms now, feeling the warmth of her body through her nightclothes, wanting to feel more.
Victoria seemed to read his thoughts.

Wrapping her arms tightly around Silas, she lay back on the divan, taking him with her. Leaning on his elbow, and pressing against Victoria’s body, his other hand caressing her side and her hip, Silas pressed his lips hungrily against hers. His heart was pounding in his ears as he reached up and untied the laces on the front of her nightdress. Victoria let go of him only long enough for him to open it up, and to help him draw his nightshirt off over his head..

Silas watched, mesmerized for a few moments, as the firelight cast dancing shadows across Victoria’s breasts and belly. Then she pulled him back down on her, pressing his body hard against hers. She looked deeply into his eyes, wondering if his attraction, his passion, was as strong as her own.

It was.

An excerpt from The Lost Colony:

“I didn’t think there were any uncharted islands left anymore.”

Beau had been looking up something else on the computer as Jax was taking his readings. “This could partly explain it,” he said, pointing to a map with numerous overlapping lines of various colors. “I was curious about the location of shipping lanes in relation to the island. Looking at this map, it doesn’t appear to be near any. Based on that, I suppose it’s conceivable that it could have avoided detection for this long.”

“Well yeah, but satellites have pretty much mapped the entire globe. How could a satellite photo miss this?”

“I don’t know, boss,” said Ron. “Maybe it has something to do with those wonky EMF conditions we’ve been experiencing.”

“I suppose,” said Jax distractedly.

“Do you think there might be dinosaurs on that island?” Ron asked, straining to see the island better. When everyone looked at him in disbelief, he got defensive. “What? That’s really not so farfetched. I’m just saying that, isolated from other land masses and human interference, it might be possible. There could be a little evolutionary pocket there.”

“Sure,” Allie replied, “and a giant gorilla who gets a virgin every full moon.”

“I imagine those are becoming kind of rare by now,” Beau said with a crooked grin. “Virgins, I mean, especially on a little island like this.”

“Let’s go check it out,” Jax said.


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